Working abroad is difficult? Save your rental with these tips.

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The price of houses in Singapore is well known for being expensive and therefore, it is no secret that HDB rental in Singapore can be relatively high as well. Singapore as a country is well known for its safety and economy has attracted many expatriates from all over the world to work here. With such good job opportunity comes with its burden as well. The HDB rental in Singapore can be a financial burden to those working abroad in Singapore. Fret not, there are some tips here to guide you on how to save on rental.

1) Location
Check out the neighbourhood. No doubt that it will be really convenient to stay nearer to where you work, however, if your workstation is located in the Central Business District, it will definitely cost a lot to rent a unit nearby. An HDB flat located in a non matured estate is much cheaper than an HDB flat located in prime area, even with the same size. If you want to spend lesser on your rental, consider renting a place in non matured estates. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by choose an a unit in a non matured estate. Although non matured estates are located slightly further from the central business district, public transportations are easily accessible. There are buses, MRT stations and taxis as well. Furthermore, there will be extra lines and stops in the future for MRT.

2) Main tenant
Most landlords in Singapore are still conservative and they expect the tenants to be in their own rooms most of the tine and be invincible as they do not appreciate the culture of sharing of common areas such as the kitchen or living rooms. If this lifestyle does not suit your personality, you can always opt to rent the whole place and then sublet the remaining extra rooms that you do not use to other tenants. Furthermore, you will be paying lesser for rent if you sublet the remaining rooms. For example, a studio apartment will cost approximately $2,500 in Singapore, a 2 bedrooms apartment will cost $3,2000 and a 3 bedrooms apartment will cost you $4,000. If you are renting a 3 bedrooms apartment and renting out the remaing two bedrooms at $1,500 each, your rental cost will then only be $1,000 per month. However, do take into account the time and effort in finding potential tenants as it can be quite a tedious and time consuming process.

3) Single room
If you are single and do not mind renting a room, it will definitely be much cheaper to rent a single room as compared to renting a whole unit on your own. Furthermore, it will be much simpler and easier since most, if not all utilities are normally included in the rent as well. Do also take some time off to know your housemates and understand their preferences or living habits to avoid any unnecessary conflicts in the future. If you are still uncomfortable staying with strangers, you can also opt for single room with its own private bathroom so you will not need to share a bathroom with other tenants.

4) HDB over condominium
For the past one decade, most expatriate would rent a condominium unit over HDB flat. However, rental for condominium has increased over the year and it is no longer affordable for them to rent a condominium. Therefore, expatriate nowadays would much prefer HDB rental in Singapore over condominium units despite the location that can be further from the city. Rental for HDB flats will definitely be much cheaper than the rental for condominium. An HDB flat with 2 bedrooms are priced at $1,500 to $2,000 per month, whereas a 2 bedroom condominium will cost from $3,000 to $3,800 per month. This is because HDB flat do not come with facilities that are commonly found in condominium, such as summing pool, gymnasium or BBQ area. Furthermore, HDB flat can be more spacious as compared to condominium units. Various amenities such as hawker centres are within close proximity as well, with cheaper price for variety of food in the residential areas. In addition, staying in an HDB flat at a residential area will allow you, as an expatriate to know the local culture more.

5) All in rental contract
Do read the contract carefully before you sign. Understand the clauses stated in the contract to avoid breaching of contract in the future. Understand the duration of lease, types of payments need to be done during the rental lease such as termination clauses, rental payment, utility charges (water, electricity, internet, maintenance fee) and air conditioner services. You could always try negotiating with your landlord to share some expenses with you. However, if you are renting only a room, most landlords will cover the above listed expenses.

In conclusion, HDB rental in Singapore might not be as expensive as what most people think. Follow these tips and you will be amazed at how much you can save. Also, do stick within your budget and try negotiating with your landlord to get a cheaper rental.


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