5 Top Watches Brands for Men to Wear With a Suit

11:29 PM

Wristwatches complete looks and give you the shimmer that turns heads to your side in the streets or at work. While the best watches brand can be an essential ingredient in giving you impeccable glitter, it still comes down to every aspect of your clothing. Your tie, pocket squares, belt, or shoes should incredibly compliment your looks. Above all, the color of your suit also puts the finishing touch to your amount of elegance.

1. Hugo boss 

Hugo boss watches are the missing piece to complete a sophisticated display of elegance. These watches are the perfect fit to go with any suit regardless of the type of strap. Hugo watch leather straps depict simplicity while its maximal display complicates the look and feel, which gives you the subtle appearance of luxury and class. Darker straps go with every suit color, ranging from black to grey, while brown straps can match ruby or navy blue suits flawlessly.

2. Zenith

Zenith watches are technical wonder timepieces that not only patch on your wrists perfectly but give you an elegant look that hardly misses the eye. The brand’s versatile watch straps are a perfect embodiment of class and complexity that perfectly fit the description of luxury. They are incredibly flexible to go with most suit colors, but the choice of strap still plays an essential part. Silver metal straps are ideal for darker shades, including navy blue, grey, and black suits to give out the subtle pop of color. And while dark and brown stripes also go with the same suit color, they can still complement brighter colored suits profoundly.

3. Tag Heuer 

If the clever combination of complexity with simplicity is your style, then you might want to grab a Tag Heuer watch to give you exactly that. These watches have maximal displays and can go with any simple plain color suit, including navy blue, grey, and darker ones. Leather straps still work well with black and white-checked suits, while black straps complete a mysterious look when you combine them with grey or dark suits. 

4. Rolex

Rolex watches are inarguably an impeccable depiction of luxury and class and an iconic brand that fits every occasion. Besides, they go well with most suits, with silver types ideal for darker and grey suit colors. Gold strappy Rolexes perfectly complete a meticulous look with yellow-colored ties and white shirts as they give the subtle pop of gold. Nonetheless, Rolex’s depiction of class and elegance makes them a timeless fit of luxury that blends perfectly with most suit colors, if not all.  

5. Patek Philippe

Tight-fitting Patek Philippe watches give you solid visual appeal and depict class and luxury when you align them with the perfect suits. With their leather, silver, and gold straps, these watches perch above the numerous best watches brands ideal for matching most suit colors. Grey, black, and navy blue suits are perfect matches for most Patek Phillippe watches.

Conclusion The best watches brand should elevate your look and enhance your shimmer. It not only polishes your looks but improves your confidence when at work or in the streets. If anything, be sure to choose a perfect match of your watch to your suit for better style and class.


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