5 Design Mistakes That Will End Up Cheapening Your Bathroom

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A simple bathroom remodel, or even a bathroom makeover, can easily be an overwhelming affair. Sometimes, making changes that feel permanent, especially regarding selections and décor, can leave many people terrified of making mistakes and ending up with the wrong decisions.

Here are some design mistakes that can end up cheapening the feel of your bathroom, notwithstanding whether it is a new bathroom you are planning on a property for sale that you bought, or if you are sprucing up a bathroom in a house for rent in Melaka. Read on for some tips on what to avoid when designing a bathroom to make the process a fun and enjoyable one.

Neglecting storage

Forgetting about storage is a major mistake that you should not deign to make. Adequate storage space is the key to starting off with a clear and organized space. You need ample storage space to ensure that your bathroom stays the most functional and uncluttered that it can be.

For example, medicine cabinets are very useful for storing all those small items from everyday use that would otherwise end up cluttering your vanity surfaces and sink tops. Consider also making sure you have a vanity or sink that has plenty of storage to hold the bulkier things like your hair dryer. If you like things out in the organized but out in the open, ample counter space is something that you need to think about. If you’re starting your bathroom from scratch, consider exploring some creative storage solutions such as recessed wall cabinets or shower shelves.

A clean and uncluttered bathroom is much more luxurious and always better looking. So, the more storage space you have, the more you can put away, the better!

Overlooking lighting
Lighting is another main bathroom design offender. Nothing is worse than a poorly lit bathroom. Not only will your bathroom lack ambience, it will lack functionality as well. Homeowners often think that one light source is enough for the whole bathroom. However, you need to consider multiple light sources to bathe your bathroom in the ambience you desire.

Always ensure that your bathroom has a good source of natural light. Blend in some other synthetic lighting sources with a strategically placed overhead chandelier or a vanity light. You can even consider adding some table lamps or floor lamps if your bathroom suffers from poor lighting.

Whatever the case, make sure that you think your lighting through and make sure that it suits your lifestyle and needs. Just imagine the inconvenience of shaving or putting on your makeup in your poorly-lit bathroom. So, get some wall sconces or a light-up makeup mirror. Or perhaps if you like a soothing bath, you can add dimmable lighting to create a more relaxing mood.

Choosing too many finishes
We always hear the saying that less is more. This applies to bathroom design as well. Sometimes designs can get messy and overboard when incorporating too many finishes and patterns. Some things just don’t mix well together. The idea is that in most circumstances, having more than two finishes in a bathroom can look odd. Instead of adding visual interest like it is supposed to, the smaller space of the bathroom causes the different finishes to compete for attention, and it ends up looking just plain messy and unthought-through.

Instead, try to keep the choice and flow of materials in a digestible way. For example, standardize all floor materials, or wall materials. You can change up one of them but remember to keep materials in either the floor or walls the same to ground your bathroom. Also try not to mix too many different metals in your fixtures. If you are the type of person who likes a pop of statement color or pattern, use one single color. You can even consider tiling or painting the inside of a recessed shelf instead of putting a bold color everywhere.

Forgetting personality 
Your bathroom can certainly be a reflection of your personality. The shower and bath is a particularly private place, where you’re free to be yourselves (yes, we’re referring to you singing like a rock star in the shower). Just because your bathroom should be functional, doesn’t mean that it can’t have character. People often forget to inject personality into their bathrooms, just like any other room in the house. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way and budget to accomplish this. As bathrooms are smaller spaces, it really does not take much to spice them up and make them cohesive with the décor and style throughout the house.

For example, you can consider adding a fun and unexpected light fixture, hang up some chic artwork, or even incorporate some chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper (just make sure its suitable for the humidity). Ditch the all-white boxed in look of standard bathrooms and give your bathing space as much inviting personality as any other room in the house.

Forgetting décor
The reality is that the bathroom is a tight space. In such circumstances, it may be tempting for you to forego bathroom décor for fear of creating more clutter. However, do not give in to this urge. Décor items are the pieces that help tie in your design and style, making your space feel more intentional, complete and personal. Although the main idea for the bathroom is all about function, you need to balance out the function and the fashion, lest you end up with a strictly utilitarian space where décor and design is an afterthought.

However, here comes the benefits of a small space – you don’t need much décor to pull off a cohesive look! Consider starting with matching the textiles, or displaying some quirky pieces of art. If you have more room, you can consider adding some greenery or decorative candles on your vanity.


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